Recycled Aggregates – EcoMix™ Range

EcoMix™ recycled aggregate* is similar to our other products but is graded to different sizes. The EcoMix™ range includes:

  • 4/10mm
  • 10/20mm
  • 20/40mm
  • 40/80mm

The EcoMix™ aggregate gets its name from its mix of crushed concrete, brick and reclaimed gravel. Once crushed it is then screened and filtered of dust and fine product to produce a high-end quality drainage aggregate. This product is increasingly in popularity due to its environmental and cost saving benefits.

EcoMix™ Type 1 (MOT type 1 eco blend)

This product is a mixture of primary and recycled aggregate giving the user the advantages of both types. The ratio of the blend depends on the need to produce a product which performs to the requirements of road building and utility customers. It is graded from dust to 50mm in size and is dark grey.

EcoMix™ complies with SHW 803 which is the specification used by Local Authorities to build roads and footpaths.


* Eco-Mix™ is a sustainable, fully recycled range of quality aggregates that meet industry standards and work as an ideal alternative to primary products