Type 1 Limestone

Type 1 Limestone is the name given to crushed limestone, which meets the requirement of the department of transport specifications for highway works. It is a high quality fill or sub-base material and is often used in the construction of car parks, driveways and highways.

Although this product can be more expensive, it is often used in other light-use domestic applications such as paths and patios. As a quarried, processed rock it is more solid and stable immediately and over time.

2-6mm Limestone

This limestone is a light grey/white gravel and angular in appearance.
It is an ideal stone for pathways and garden landscapes and is used
as a bedding layer in permeable paving systems.

Limestone Dust

This material is suitable as a capping material under sub-base, trench back-fill, embankment fill, patios and walkways or as a hardcore/sub-base for use under concrete. It also works well as a levelling agent
for retaining wall instillations.

Other Products

We can source many other limestone products such as 4-10mm, 10-20mm, Type 3 and Scalpings. Please call us on 01273 598511 to discuss your requirements.