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Application For Employment
Policy Statement: It is the policy of this company to employ the best qualified personnel and provide equal opportunities for the training and promotion of employees without discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, disability, age or marital status.

Applicants are requested to note that smoking is strictly prohibited in company vehicles and premises.

Full Name:*
Position Applied For:*
Base Location:
Type of Work:
Are you entitled to work in the UK? We will require evidence prior to any offer of employment being made.*
Driving License Details ( please provide a copy of the paper counterpart and both sides of the photocard)
Driving License Number:*
Expiry Category B:
Expiry Category C1:
Expiry Category C:
Expiry Category C + E:
Please Note: All driving licenses will be checked with DVLA for validity.
Have you ever been disqualified from driving, been convicted of any motoring offence or is any prosecution outstanding?*
Have you undertaken any elements of Driver CPC? YES/ NO If YES please provide details:
Has the DVLA been informed of any medical condition that could affect your driving ability? YES/ NO If YES please provide details:
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? YES/ NO If YES please provide details:

Please Note: Declaration under the terms of the Rehabilitation of offenders act 1974, you are not obliged to discuss details of spent convictions under the act.
Please understand that you may be required to undergo a CRB check for this position.

Do you have any experience in Ready Mixed Concrete?*
Do you have any experience in Tipping?:*
Do you have any experience in Bulk Tipping?:*
Please expand on the type of experience you have (vehicles used, types of job etc.)
Are you familiar with Tachographs (both digital and analogue), driver's hours and other relevant driving regulations?*
Please indicate the number of months and years of experience you have driving HGVs.
Do you have any relevant driving qualifications? YES/ NO If Yes please provide details.
Please supply details of relevant previous employers over the last ten years, this will help us to assess your suitability for the
role you are applying for. Start with your most recent employer and work backwards.
Business Address:*
Post Code:*
Position Held:*
Key Duties & Achievements:*
Reason for leaving:*
Notice Period:
Employer Name:
Employer Address:
Contact Number:
Duties & Achievements:
Reasons for leaving:
To complete details of further employers please use the 'Other Information' box at the end of the form.
Please detail any further skills and personal qualities you have that would enable you to work successfully for us.
Please give details of all secondary education, including examinations taken and results obtained.
Any other achievements during education:
Please give details of any spare time hobbies and interests, including any voluntary work and memberships to committees or groups etc.

Please give details of two referees form your previous employment. (Your current or most recent employer must be one, but we will not contact them without your permission, or until an offer of employment has been made and accepted.)

Referee Name:*
Referee Occupation:*
Referee Address:*
Referee Contact Number:*
Referee 2 Name:*
Referee 2 Occupation:*
Referee 2 Address:*
Referee 2 Contact Number:*

The Data Protection Act 1998 ("The Act") sets out certain requirements for the protection of your personal information against unauthorised use or disclosure. The act also gives you certain rights. Except to the extent we are required or permitted by law, the information which you provide in this application form and any other information obtained or provided during the course of your application ("The Information") will be used solely for the purpose of assessing your application. If your application is unsuccessful or you choose not to accept any offer or employment we make, the information will not be held longer than necessary, after which time it will be destroyed, although relevant information will be trained in the longer term to facilitate our equal opportunity monitoring. If your application is successful, the information will form part of your employment file and we will be entitled to process it for all purposes in connection with your employment. So that we may use the information for the above purposes and on the above terms, we are required under the act to obtain your explicit consent. Accordingly, please sign the consent section below.

I consent to my personal information being used for the purpose and on the terms set out above.*
Other Information: (Please use this area to detail previous employer details, qualifications and other key information.)
Please read and sign the following declaration:
I confirm the above information is complete and correct and any untrue or misleading information will give my employer the right to terminate
any employment contract offered.
If my application is successful I authorise you to contact my doctor for further details and confirmation of my state of health.
I authorise you to contact the above stated referees.
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