2-6mm Diorite

Dark grey micro granite chipping ideal for roughcast. It can also be use along with the 10-63mm & 10-20mm as part of a permeable drainage system. If being used in this way then the size and shape of the stone must be accurate, the stone will compact down much less than sand when the surface blocks are vibrated.
The partial shape will also affect the degree of compaction.

4-10mm Diorite

This stone can be used as a decorative stone for driveways, paths, patios and any hard standing areas.

10-20mm Diorite

Is light (silver) grey gravel when dry and turns a darker grey colour when wet. It is naturally angular in shape and extremely hard wearing. It has many uses along with being most popularly used as a decorative stone; effective in Japanese style gardens and is used for others applications such as; driveways and paths, mulching of boarders and general landscaping.

10-40mm Diorite

This stone is grey in colour and angular in shape.
Applications include landscaping, driveways and pathways and
permeable drainage system.

10-63mm Diorite

Used as a sub-base in permeable drainage system. The system allows heavy rain to filter through the permeable interlocking concrete paving surface. This system is ideal for industrial and commercial use, retail centres, parking lots pedestrian plazas and walkways, residential areas and any other high traffic, public areas.

Type 1

Type 1 is often referred to as MOT – it is a product consisting of crushed granite or limestone. It is certified for use as a high quality fill or sub-base material, often in construction of car parks, driveways and highways.

Gabion Stone

Often used to fill wire baskets or cages to act as blocks, the grey diorite material is durable and looks great too. Graded between 100-200mm.