Mixer Specifications

The Dudman Group’s fleet of vehicles include a mix of six and eight cubic metre trucks.

New concrete mixers to the fleet are the Mercedes Arocs 32:40 Chassis Cabs which have been combined with the Hymix P-8000 mixer bodies.

Concrete Mixer Specifications


Mercedes Arocs 6x4 Concrete Mixer
Mercedes Arocs 8x4 Concrete Mixer
Merc Arocs 8x4 chute


Mercedes Arocs 6×4                                                   Mercedes Arocs 8×4

Chassis: 7440kg (inc fuel and driver)                                                      Chassis: 9660kg (inc fuel and driver)
STD Mixer: 3300kg                                                                                 STD Mixer: 3900kg
Max Width: 2.48m                                                                                   Max Width: 2.46m