A Renewed Vehicle Fleet

a new Dudman group tipper truck leaving siteAfter the arrival of several concrete mixers earlier this year the Dudman Group vehicle fleet has been updated to now include 14 new tipper trucks. This is part of the continued level of inward investment that has gone into the Company since the start of 2015.

The Volvo FMX trucks have been designed to provide lower emissions, fuel economy, flexible manoeuvring and all meet the Euro6* industry standards. These new trucks are part of a renewed vehicle fleet for the Dudman Group with mixers, tippers and artics covering the South coast.

The Volvo day cabs have a robust exterior and feature a revolutionary steering system and purpose built suspension system. The dynamic steering and iShift gearbox both ensure fuel economy and allows the engine to work at its most efficient RPM range resulting in a 2% lower fuel consumption. Each of the 14 hard working cabs are backed up by a Thompson tipper body.

The addition of these new vehicles to the Group sees the fleet continue to grow as part of the ongoing Company effort to provide a quality service to customers across the South and to reduce the carbon footprint impact.


80% less, lower emissions of NOx

50% less particulates

*As of September, 2015 all new petrol and diesel vehicles must meet Euro 6 standards for exhaust emissions of NOx and other pollutants. The Euro 6 standard applies to the levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (THC/NMHC) and particulate matter (PM).

A row of Dudman Group tippers at Shoreham wharf