Aggregate Products

The Dudman Group of Companies comprises of competitive, innovative and punctual qualities combined with  facilities to supply all grades of primary, secondary and recycled aggregates all come with the promise to provide each and every customer with the very best service and advice to suit your needs.

 Aggregate Products





Gravels4/10mm Roads, Drainage
Land &4/20mm Roads
Marine based10/20mm Roads, Paths, Driveways, House Construction, Drainage
 20/40mm Roads, House Construction
 40/80mm Roads, House Construction, Drainage
 20-100mm (Rejects) Roads, Paths, Driveways, House Construction, Drainage
StoneType 1Limestone/Granite 
 Type 3Limestone/GranitePorous sub base (sports arenas)
 40mmLimestone or ScalpingsRoads, Paths, Driveways, House Construction
 Gabion Road building, erosion control, foundations
 Rip Rap Armour shorelines, streambeds, abutments, pilings etc.
 Armourstonevarious grades 
Sand & Ballast10mmAll-in Ballast 
 20mmAll-in Ballast 
 0/2mmUSGA Washed SandGolf courses
 0/1mmFine Washed Equestrian Sand 
 0/2mmAnimal Bedding Sand 
 0/2mmGeneral Building SandHouse Construction,
 0/4mmSharp SandHouse Construction, Drainage
RecycledType 1 Eco-Mix™Sub base 
Eco-Mix™ range*0/4mm Eco-Mix™Sharp sand 
 0/20mm Eco-Mix™Ballast 
 4/10mm Eco-Mix™Stone/Gravel 
 10/20mm Eco-Mix™Stone/Gravel 
 20/40mm Eco-Mix™Stone/Gravel 
 40/80mm Eco-Mix™Stone/Gravel 
 Type 1Crushed concreteRoads, Paths, Driveways, House Construction
 Type 1Crushed track ballast 
 Type 4Crushed asphalt 
 6F4/6F5Capping/FillRoads, Paths, Driveways, House Construction
 40/80mmCrushed concrete 
 BS 3882 Screened topsoil Landscaping
 Puddle clay  
* Eco-Mix™ is a sustainble, fully recycled range of quality agrregates that meet industry standards and work as an ideal alternative to primary products