Statement on Coronavirus

We are writing to you as a valued customer to explain what steps the Dudman Group are taking to manage the potential impact of Coronavirus on our service to you and what we are doing to safeguard our employees and yours.

Our priority is to ensure the welfare of both your staff and ours. We also want to ensure we continue to provide the quality service you’ve come to expect from us throughout the period.


We are currently holding good levels of product or have very short supply chains which are not currently being impacted. Therefore, whilst we may have, depending on demand, low or unavailable material we do expect to be able to rectify the situation reasonably quickly.

To ensure we have the right products in stock, it would greatly assist us if you could provide us with as much advanced notice of your orders alongside delivery schedules.

Obviously, we cannot foresee what restrictions or other measures may be put in place by the UK Government. However, we will provide you with an update as soon as practical should the current position change.

Our operations and your staff:

People make our business and yours, so we want to ensure they are safe. Therefore, as a minimum we are fully complying with the UK Government advice regarding Coronavirus and will continue to do so as this is updated. We are taking the following additional steps:

  • We have implemented and reinforced hygiene for all our staff including providing hand sanitisers, soap and hand towels as well as instructions in how to use these properly.
  • We have stopped all non-essential travel and meetings with those both inside and out of the Dudman Group to reduce the chance of infection and are encouraging web/ phone meetings rather than face to face.
  • We are making arrangements for suitable staff to work from home. This will reduce the likelihood of staff being infected but also minimise the risk of large numbers of our teams becoming ill at the same time, which could reduce our effectiveness.
  • We are making arrangements to eliminate or reduce contact between our drivers, operational staff and office staff. Again, we believe this will reduce the chance of transmission of illness between our staff. In this respect, our delivery drivers will not ask your people to sign our tablets to confirm receipt of the goods. Instead, they will remain in their cabs, ask the full name of the person on site and that will be added to the delivery ticket.

This is a potentially difficult time for everyone but please be assured that we are working to continue to meet your needs as well as fulfil our social responsibility in following the government advice. Please contact us if you have any further thoughts or comments.

Yours sincerely

Steve Dudman