Working Together to Develop Brighton Marina

The ongoing works and development project at Brighton Marina to increase the accommodation and lifestyle offering has also extended to essential harbour breakwater maintenance.

The two Brighton Marina breakwaters, or harbour arms, have been protecting the marina basin for 40 years and need some essential upkeep to guarantee their longevity and allowing them to be serviceable for the long-term future.

The West breakwater works began back in June while work on the East breakwater commenced a month later from barges.

The Dudman Group of Companies supplied approximately 20,000 tonnes of sand for the regeneration project which was delivered in two parts; half by road using the fleet of Dudman vehicles for the West side. The second load of sand was delivered via barge from Shoreham wharf for the East side works.

Phase One of the Brighton Marina development is now complete with Phase two on its way, adding a further 240 apartments. Once completed the Marina will boast 11 towers with a total of 853 new homes created with a luxurious design combined with the rich Brighton heritage.

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